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Owner Services

Our goal, at Apex Asset Management, Inc. is to provide our clients and investors with a management solution that help their properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance investment value and to develop and maintain the financial success of your property, while freeing you from the day-to-day stresses of property management.


That’s why property owners and investors throughout the country depend on us to help achieve their goals of property performance and profitability. You will find that Apex Property Management is a customer focused and technologically advanced property management firm and that our services are consistently updated to meet the changing demands within the marketplace. With a strong property management company, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without having the headaches that often accompany the management of your investment.


Professional Marketing

We pride ourselves on our ability to market our clients properties to achieve our goal of renting it quickly and for the most money. We see it as a partnership with our owners. We want to showcase the best product, for the best price. We do this by working together to ensure we have a clean home in great condition. Once we do this, we get started on marketing the home. We leverage our top notch real estate sales team through The Chris Lesak Group.

We utilize high quality, professional photos of the homes.

We utilize highly targeted internet and social media posts and ads.

We gain further internet exposure by displaying our listings on over 300+ websites

We utilize search friendly descriptions of the homes for great internet exposure


Superior Tenant Screening and Selection

All tenants undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure we are getting the best tenants possible. We put tenants through the following screening procedures:

  • Credit bureau reporting from all three agencies

  • Contact former and current landlords for written references.

  • Rental Reference checks

  • Screen all applicants through Eviction Reports.

  • Screens all applicants through Sex Offender Records.

  • Screens all applicants through Criminal Reports.


Comparative Market Analysis

Price your property correctly with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA); a market analysis compares your property against similar rental properties in the area to ensure we are the best product for the best rental rate. We will advise you on any practical changes and improvements that will help you attain your maximum rental rate and attract the highest quality tenant.


Maintenance and Repair Services

We do not charge a service fee on standard repairs!

We use independent contractors for painting, cleaning, and repairs. And our price is your price!
Apex Asset Management knows what every repair should cost and the acceptable time for completion. We scrutinize and review every bill.

Apex Asset Management provides a 24 hour emergency service to protect your property. We handle the emergencies so you don’t have to.

Tenants pay a repair deductible of $75 for most repairs after the first 2 weeks of the lease.

Owners are notified of any single repair in excess of $300, except emergency repairs.

Licensed Contractors are used for all major repairs such as A/C, plumbing and electrical repairs.


Management Fees

  • Initial Setup Fee – $0

  • Repair Service Fee – $0

  • Competitive Management fees

  • Multiple Property Discounts

  • A leasing fee is charged when we place a tenant

  • Management fees are tax-deductible!


Accounting Services

  • Accurate and complete records are kept for each property.

  • Industry Standard Record keeping is used.

  • Monthly Reports showing deposits and payouts

  • Annual Reports and 1099’s sent to our owners


Investment and Selling Assistance

Let our Full Time, Full Service real estate team help you expand your portfolio or re position it. We can help you acquire more investment properties as well as sell them when the time is right for you. We utilize a variety of different resources to stay on top of the real estate market. This helps ensure you are getting the best price when buying or selling. Let us help with your Real Estate portfolio.

Additional services

  • Property Renovations

  • Resale Homes and New Construction Homes

  • Eviction Processing

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