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Updating the County Appraisal District

One of the major mistakes that homeowners and investors make is failing to update their mailing address with the County Appraisal District or removing the Homestead Exemptions or other exemptions from the property that they can no longer legally claim.


When you buy a new rental property, or move from a property and convert it into a rental property, you need to update your mailing address with the County Appraisal District and remove any exemptions that you have that you are no longer or are not eligible for.


Also, when you move from one address to another make sure you update the County Appraisal District and any HOAs governing property. Failure to do so can cause a potential conflict with underpaid Real Estate Taxes and important notifications or documents not being received by you.


Many times, we have seen Deeds or other legal or critical documents being mailed directly to the rental property. Some tenants do bring these important documents in, but most do not and are either returned to the sender or thrown in the trash.


By keeping your current mailing address up to date with the County Appraisal District, you can save yourself lots of frustration and money.


To check to see what mailing address your County Appraisal District has on file for you go to their website and search for your rental property address.

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