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How to be Organized this New Year

Did you make your resolution this year to be more organized? With Christmas just ending chance are your house feels like a toy store 24/7. Living in a constant clutter can cause more stress then intended. Here are a few easy and clever tips to help get you moving toward an organized New Year.

Get to the Paperwork.

Receipts, Important papers, just drawings or holiday cards all need to be sorted. Keep the things that you need and put them in a box or folder. When the holder becomes too full once again resort them and throw away the items that are not important.

Closets and Drawers.

This may be a common statement, but you do not need all the things taking up space in your closet and drawers. If it is worn or broken get rid of it! Most bloggers will say if you have not worn it in over 6 months you never will. Yet, do not feel bad when deciding to get rid of them because donating clothes is always an option and such a wonderful thing to do.

Pause the Sentimental You.

Going through cherished mementos can bring back great memories and feelings. You are probably thinking that your kids would love to see them later in life or you just cannot get rid of it. Although some things are worth saving not everything is and try to remember that being organized means you must get rid of unnecessary things. Think about how free and relaxed it will feel once everything is organized.

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